Coverage Map

The map below is a General Visual Image of coverage by our transmitters & receivers. Since we deliver state of the art technology, just call or email us to check if we can get a "line of sight" or other connection to your home or business. You never know unless you ask.

Explanation of colors:

Purple = Currently Available
Yellow = Available February 28th

Green = Available Spring 2019
Blue = Available Spring 2019

Is your property located in the Purple Zone?

Give us a call now at 504-298-5007!
We can get you up and running right away.

Are you located in the Yellow Zone?

Give us a call now at 504-298-5007!
In just a few weeks we'll be ready for you.

Is your property in the Green or Blue Zone?

Contact us for early sign-up specials!

MDU or Condo/Apts/Office Complexes

We provide free estimates for our ISP technology installation and can get your property LIT with our fast, reliable internet service soon.

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