About Us

Louisiana Internet Technology

Louisiana Internet Technology (L.I.T.) wants to be the leader in bringing the cutting edge technologies of 5G to the New Orleans area.  LIT provides alternative bandwidth choices to help connect South Louisiana to the future. Lets get LIT New Orleans!

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The LIT Team

Dan Teachworth

President and owner

Dan started Satellite Center the parent company in 1984 to bring Satellite TV to the Greater New Orleans area, which grew to serve residential, commercial and the hospitality industry.

An all-around Tech-Guru, he became the #1 professional installer of commercial satellite dishes for radio and TV stations across the south and expanded into Uplink Broadcast services with an LTN studio & acquiring the largest fleet in the Gulf region.

Dan is a trusted businessman and go-to guy providing service to major 4 & 5 star hotels like The Windsor Court, Alder Hotel, Bienville House, Le Richilieu and many others.  Dan started L.I.T. after Kendra and Nick convinced him it was a natural progression of services and would be a great service to offer the residents of New Orleans.

Kendra Lowry

Business Development, Sales Manager

Kendra grew up in Lafayette, but cut her teeth in New York City’s emerging technology of the late 80’s & early 90’s in Silicon Alley and Wall Streets' Banking Firms.  After working a few years in technology, the internet was born and she worked with software developers training and upgrading their clients and staff on new applications for digital world online.  In 1997, Kendra returned to her roots in media and television with live satellite broadcast, she helped grow and develop two video-media production and programming companies in Manhattan.

Kendra returned to New Orleans in 2010 continuing with video production until  early 2018 when she convinced Dan to pursue the "LIT" concept to provide faster, better internet to the underserved areas of New Orleans, as she herself wanted to be a customer too!.

Nick Teachworth

Product Development, Service Technician & Marketing

Nick inherited his dad’s tech-genes majoring in ISDS (Information Systems & Decision Science) at LSU, learned how to code C++ & SKL, and minored in General Business.  He not only picked up the satellite technology of the parent company but explored further options for growth into Internet products and services.  Nick thought it was important to provide an affordable alternative to the big corporate ISP guys and encouraged his dad to expand into WISP technology.  He came up with the name and acronym L.I.T.

Jeff Teachworth

Product Development & Service Technician

Jeff was an instrumentation tech in the US Air Force stationed in Germany maintaining fighter and cargo planes. His technical abilities are endless as our IT engineer and he helps develop LIT’s emerging technology projects and products. He is also a great satellite uplink operator and MDU systems technician and he’s our go-to guy to customizing projects and products for each client and property. Jeff is Dan's nephew.

Debbie Teachworth

Finance Manager

Debbie heads up all accounting, contracts and office automation. She is a lifelong resident of Jefferson Parish and helped start the parent company Satellite Center with her husband Dan in the mid 1980s.  She was instrumental in bringing Satellite Center to the success it is today so that it could expand into new products, services and technology now offered by LIT.

Karrie Rose

Office Manager and Service Coordinator

Karrie provides a wonderful connection between our customers and our service department. She coordinates all service and maintains technician schedules as well as systems and parts ordering systems integration. She also helps residents and commercial customers select which package best suits their needs and budget. She is lifelong resident and loved by all staff and customers.